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I had headaches and migraines every week for the last 25 years and no amount of medication I have ever taken would prevent it, I was aware that certain foods would trigger migraines and would of course avoid them. Then one day, in 1996, I was given a book Migraines, the natural way which had a comprehensive list of all foods known to trigger migraines in people, and the list was endless, it brought to mind the saying 'One mans meat is another mans poison.' Deciding that I needed to have allergy testing I soon discovered that :
  • 1) It is very expensive
  • 2) They couldn't guarantee to detect all allergens.

So I decided to test myself by using a pendulum

I had been experimenting with a pendulum for many years but had never used one to test food. For many years some people who used pendulums would claim Mystic Divination ( delusional ) and many others condemned it as "mumbo jumbo", ( tosh ) but good scientific proof has emerged on how the pendulum moves and how your subconscious controls it.

A useful tool, the Pendulum

How does a Pendulum work

Humans have been using pendulums for thousands of years to help them in their lives. Scientists have discovered that the pendulum is set into motion by tiny movements of the muscles in your finger tips and they have detected the slight electrical impulses from the brain to the muscles in your finger tips holding the pendulum. So no mystical action there. I believe that your sub conscious uses your senses on a level that you are not aware of. Scientists know that your brain, via your nose, can detect many 1,000 's of different smells but more importantly your subconscious can work on the molecular level and recognize a substance by it's molecular signature, molecules have a chemical signature which your subconscious can compare against in it's own data base and from experience recognize if the substance is good or bad for you. (just think about what a qualified wine taster can detect), although most of us are only consciously aware of several hundred different smells, the same applies with taste, hearing, sight and touch, we are only aware of limited features of our sensory equipment. But your subconscious, the part of your brain that controls your breathing, heartbeat etc, has total access to all your equipment, it also controls your dreams and possibly inspiration. Your subconscious although subordinate to your conscious mind, never sleeps and is always on a hair trigger.

How a Pendulum can work

Your subconscious in action:
  • 1) Your walking or working on your own and you get a feeling of being watched.
  • 2) You meet a stranger and the hair on the back of your neck warns you of danger.
  • 3) You are going to do something but get a feeling of 'wrongness'/doom.
  • 4) A business man gets a gut feeling that it's a good deal.
  • 5) Something is just about to hit you and you duck instinctively before you know exactly what's going on.
  • 6) A juggler does not need to watch where the balls drop to catch one as the subconscious sees it and works out where it should be.
  • 7) A batsman hits the ball with his bat even though it was to quick for his conscious mind to see it.
We can go on and on proving that your subconscious is your best friend. A pendulum is just a tool that your subconscious can use to communicate with, so don't be afraid to use it, your subconscious will not lie to you, but it's answer can be hijacked by your conscious mind. So it's very important to focus only on your question while you are using the pendulum and to keep an open mind when understanding the answers.
There are many methods of dowsing using the pendulum, (ie. correct length of thread, for you. obtaining a clear mind before proceeding, practise with or without an audience etc ) Here you can read or download a book that is all about dowsing.

How to use a pendulum to test your food

I could only do this with the food when it was out of its container, then holding a cotton thread between thumb and fore finger with a small weight attached, ( just heavy enough to keep the thread straight and about 10-15" long) i would hold the pendulum above the food and instruct my subconscious to provide the answers such as:
- swing in and out for yes and side to side for no, (you can also instruct your subconscious to rotate anti-clockwise and clockwise for yes and no). Using this simple method I tested everything I intended to eat, I would hold the pendulum over the food and keeping my mind clear and focused only on the food and the question. Is this food good for me yes or no. I ended up with a large pile of food for no with a much smaller pile for yes. When I tested raw meat the pendulum would hesitate between yes or no and then end up gently swinging side to side indicating no in a mild way, when the meat was cooked the pendulum would swing vigorously in and out to indicate yes. So the pendulum swing could be used to determine if the food was mildly bad for me or really bad for me and of course mildly good for me or very good for me. It is very important that when testing the food you don't have thoughts like "Oh I really like this food I hope it's good for me" as stray thoughts affect the neutrality of the pendulum.

After the Pendulum Testing

When I looked at the two piles of food to see what the difference was, I was surprised to see that all the 'good' food was free of E numbers and additives and the majority of the rejected food had labels outlining all sorts of E numbers, additives and modified starch etc. even my favourite kind of black pepper and some dried herbs were rejected. (I later found out that anti fungicide chemicals are added to the dried herbs to extend the shelf life)

 The most subtle of added additives are foods that look 'fresh', bread has preservatives added at many stages of production, so beware bread that is still fresh two days after you bought it. Also many versions of 'fresh' bacon has preservatives added as this is quicker and cheaper then salting or smoking.

 I decided to buy additive free food where I can and found that my migraine attacks and headaches  reduced from 5 days a week to only one or two days a week.

 Now I tested all the fresh meat before and after cooking and found that there was  a more positive reaction to lean meat then there was to meat that had lovely tasting crispy juicy fat on, I can not say why this is the case unless like pork my digestive system cannot cope with some forms of fat. ( It is well known that lots of chemicals are stored by the body in your layers of fat - perhaps this is what I was detecting...chemicals consumed by the animal was stored in its fat layer )

  Knowing that 75% of people in the world have problems digesting cows milk and that both of my children showed an allergic reaction when as toddlers they were first given cows milk, I cut out all cow dairy products from my diet and the last of my headaches and migraines stopped.

  But now I had a problem, which was that without dairy products , milk, cheese and butter half of my nutrient intake disappeared, of course this also included most cakes , breakfast cereals and most 'processed' food.

  I gave some thought to a theory by an American author who claimed that our blood types were shaped by our ancestors diet, and that modern blood types are better at extracting nutrient from cereals then the more ancient 'o' blood group which is better suited to a protein diet, well as I am welsh I looked at the sort of diet that the welsh have prospered on for over 6000 years , which has generally been pastoral  and mainly sheep, so I tried feta cheese which is made from ewes milk, and surprise surprise no headache and no migraine, I cannot get ewes milk but goats milk seems to be tasty enough and causes no metabolic reaction.
There has been a massive increase in Asthma in the Western world in the last fifty or so years, and the blame has been put on all sorts of things from, dust mite exceta to industrial pollution, and although there are many substances that make us cough and sneeze or water your eyes the scientists are reluctent to condem to harshly air particles as their experiments suggest that very high doses are needed to cause asthmatic problems, although that clearly is not the case in the real world.
My son has been declared asthmatic since he was two years old, and only recently after my experience with investigating my own allergys have i discovered the harm that Cow Milk can cause to your immune system by suppressing the ability of your immune system to work properly leaving you open to irritation from other substances
Since we banned all dairy products from our sons diet his asthma has virtually disapeared, I myself have also found that i no longer suffer from hay fever in the summer, since i switched to using goats milk.
Food Additives are also capable of causing asthma symptoms depending on the amount taken into your body, some are also culuminative (stay in your body and continue to poison you) rather then passing through and out as a waste product.

Modern Food Preservatives work by poisoning bacteria and fungi

I looked hard at the two piles of food, most of which had been in my diet for 20 years or more. I tried to reason why the bread was considered a no no by the pendulum, when I had been eating it all my life, and went on to discover that wheat contains gluten and too much gluten can cause metabolic poisoning. But bread was a staple that I wanted to eat, so I started buying different types of bread - rice bread, gluten free, bran, wholemeal, organic, etc but they all seemed to trigger migraines, the only one which didn't was the fresh bread from the bakery, the type which goes dry by the second day and mouldy in a couple of days. I began to look into the additives in the food I was eating and when I tested myself by eating food containing preservatives the migraines would always start approx. 2 - 4 hours later. This was not the case with food that was preservative free where there is no reaction whatsoever. When I went back and looked at the list of foods that the pendulum had told me were not good for me, not all was labelled as having preservatives added, for example tea leaves are soaked in anti fungicides before they are dried but you will not find this information written on the container, and the same applies to dried herbs and spices. Although I can pick at small amounts of foods with preservatives in without triggering a migraine I will always find that my stomach starts bubbling away and I get various mild side affects, my Lymph glands swell and ache my muscles will ache and my vision can go strange I also feel unwell and this will last for up to a day unless I continue to eat food dosed with chemicals where I will not feel well again until some 24 - 48 hours AFTER I have eaten the last of the poisoned food.
I would get confusing signals from the pendulum when I tested raw meat before i would cook it, and also sometimes afterwards, initially I would put this down to perhaps the meat had bacteria growing on it or that I was generating stay thoughts that affected my pendulum ( handling raw meat always makes me feel squeamish ), but with later investigation I have discovered that cuts of meat are sprayed, injected or soaked in preservatives and/or other chemicals, again none of this is labelled and no one tells you that this is common practise in the meat industry, since discovering these facts I soak and wash all my cuts of meat and I no longer get chemical poisoning effects from the cuts of meat I consume.

Now its my bad luck that I haven't got a constitution capable of coping with the quantities of poisons that are put into our foods to extend its shelf life, but I can certainly see the economic value of being able to stock and sell a loaf of bread over a 10 day period rather than the 1 day for 'natural bread'. But of course the really important thing is, what is it doing to your health long term, or even in the short term, I am inconvenienced by having to be very choosy about what I eat, but I do see friends and strangers having continuous bouts of 'illness' put down to viruses or stress and I wonder how much of it is to do with the preservatives that are put into our food. Remember preservatives work by poisoning the bacteria/fungi when it tries to grow upon the food, the higher the level of poisons the longer the shelf life

I am lucky in that if I eat food which contains bactericides or anti-fungicides I get a very strong warning with a migraine or with luck, lesser side effects which usually lasts approx 24 hours ( the time it takes the poisoned food to pass through my system ) but those who do not get a warning continue to eat those same foods. But poison is poison, calcium propionate which is extensively used in wheat products is more poisonous than arsenic weight for weight, although I do remember the old story of king Midas who tried to build up a resistance to arsenic by taking tiny amounts everyday in an effort to cheat an assassination attempt by poisoning, it failed of course because poisons are usually accumulative and the arsenic stayed in his body, so one day when he took his usual amount of arsenic, it was like the proverbial straw that broke the camels back, and he died.

In regards to food testing, I believe that my subconscious detects the molecules of food, identifies what they are and compares it to a data base of all my previous experience, and then it can tell if that particular food is beneficial or harmful to my metabolism. Just in the same way that the subconscious mind in pregnant women decide which nutrients are missing for the healthy growth of the baby, the subconscious encourages the mother to devour all sorts of strange combinations of food, the subconscious is not concerned with etiquette but with nutrients.

I also found that milk could trigger migraines and on most occasions the pendulum would confirm that cows milk was not very good for me, but sometimes the pendulum would indicate that it was ok, this was very confusing especially as in any scientific experiment I would expect the results of a test to be consistent, before, I would trust the answers, but just like the bread ( where some had preservatives and some did not ) I knew there had to be an answer. I found out that scientists have discovered that only 25% of people suffer no reaction to cows milk, the rest of us have various problems in digesting the large fat globules that are found in cows milk. There are many different reactions to cows milk, eg: soft stools, diarrhea, skin complaints, bad circulation, immune suppression , mucus overload and also poor nutritional uptake by the body. I understand that Asian people suffer badly from consuming cows milk. My answer to this was to switch to organic Goats milk, ( this helped but did not solve all the side effects caused by lactic acid ) because the globules of fat are much smaller in goats milk my stomach is capable of digesting it without complaint. But I recently discovered that a common practise amongst dairy farmers was to feed their cattle calcium propionate which is also used as a preservative in food. The calcium propionate apparently stops milk fever in cows, which is a disease caused basically by stressing the cows by over milking, the cattle become deficient in calcium with the consequence that milk production goes down, so farmers use the calcium propionate to balance their cows diets but the preservative/poison is now also in your milk, they have also been washing the cows teats with this anti-bactericides for many more years then that. I believe it was this that my pendulum was probably detecting in most of the batches of milk that I tested, but of course not in all batches as not all cows are fed preservatives, so some milk was always 'pure' from chemical additives. ( I have discovered that un-pasteurised dairy products do not seem to cause immune suppression due to the natural bacteria that the unpasteurised milk contains, this natural bacteria helps to break down the lactic acid )

Food scientist know that modern preservatives are highly toxic, but with strict rules controlling food producers so that they are only allowed to add 0.3% by weight ( flour products and is subject to change ) of preservatives to food produced. The hope is that there is no long term health problems, food scientists say preservatives are safe because they do not build up in your body but pass through with your body waste. Food manufacturers are pushing for higher levels of preservatives to be allowed in food as this will increase the shelf life and of course profit on foods. I also understand that fruit is washed in preservatives and ant-fungacides, so wash your fresh fruit before testing with a pendulum. Have you checked your container of salt recently? you would think that salt is as pure as you can get to a 'natural' product all mammals need salt to help them perspire and to allow their bodies to regulate themselves, without salt we will get ill, but have a look on the label and see if you can recognise the 'additives' that you now sprinkle on your food.

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