The Human Canary

I have had headaches and migraines every week for the last 25 years and no amount of medication I have ever taken would prevent it, I was aware that certain foods would trigger migraines and would of course avoid them. Then one day, in 1996, I was given a book Migraines, the natural way which had a comprehensive list of all foods known to trigger migraines in people, and the list was endless, it brought to mind the saying 'One mans meat is another mans poison.' Deciding that I needed to have allergy testing I soon discovered that :
  • 1) It is very expensive
  • 2) They couldn't guarantee to detect all allergens.

So I decided to test myself by using a pendulum

I had been experimenting with a pendulum for many years but had never used one to test food. For many years some people who used pendulums would claim Mystic Divination ( delusional ) and many others condemned it as "mumbo jumbo", ( tosh ) but good scientific proof has emerged on how the pendulum moves and how your subconscious controls it.