How to use a pendulum to test your food

I could only do this with the food when it was out of its container, then holding a cotton thread between thumb and fore finger with a small weight attached, ( just heavy enough to keep the thread straight and about 10-15" long) i would hold the pendulum above the food and instruct my subconscious to provide the answers such as:
- swing in and out for yes and side to side for no, (you can also instruct your subconscious to rotate anti-clockwise and clockwise for yes and no). Using this simple method I tested everything I intended to eat, I would hold the pendulum over the food and keeping my mind clear and focused only on the food and the question. Is this food good for me yes or no. I ended up with a large pile of food for no with a much smaller pile for yes. When I tested raw meat the pendulum would hesitate between yes or no and then end up gently swinging side to side indicating no in a mild way, when the meat was cooked the pendulum would swing vigorously in and out to indicate yes. So the pendulum swing could be used to determine if the food was mildly bad for me or really bad for me and of course mildly good for me or very good for me. It is very important that when testing the food you don't have thoughts like "Oh I really like this food I hope it's good for me" as stray thoughts affect the neutrality of the pendulum.