Save Your Trees

Some information about trees that I hope you will find interesting, and perhaps informative

For example parking cars on the soft ground beneath trees inevitably either crushes their roots or compacts the soil so that the roots cannot breathe, this then prevents the uptake of moisture and nutrients causing stress and later twig and branch die back, root decay and rot usually sets in causing even more stress to the tree.

Another way in which people harm trees is by building their compost heaps under them, when the material rots down large amounts of nutrients seep into the soil upsetting the soil balance and poisoning the tree roots which again causes root rot and disease. Mowers and strimmers are also a major cause of death for trees, they strip away the bark on the lower part of the tree which usually allows one of the various types of root or butt rots to attack the tree, after several years the tree begins to show signs of stress and then die back of the upper twigs and branches. There are of course many other reasons why trees come to harm, but these are some common avoidable problems.


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