Games page IV

This page Has some delightful java games for you to play, from the game of soccer where you have a chance of going on a cup run and winning the champions cup, or play Cliffie the Postman - what a hoot ! can you deliver all the mail and escape from the savage dogs without been run over i bet you can't.
Noids is one of those games that is highly addictive, you just can't stop playing and Gopher clout needs no introduction and is ideal to play when someone has upset you - try it !.
These games are all Java applets and will run in your browser just give them a minute or too to start up, when you have finished the game just exit by clicking the back button on your browser.


Dugout, the mole Crazy Drive
Canoe Clobber Cliffie the Postman
Pairs Cross section
Noids Soccer
Quiz Time Quick Puzzle
Gopher Clout More Games
Rock Radio Tune your Guitar

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