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Historia Regum Britanniae


Geoffery of Monmouth was asked to translate an ancient book written in the old Language of British into Latin by Walter ArchDeacon of Oxford, and helped in some of the translations by Robert Earl of Gloucester ( cair gloui - Gloucester ) the book was completed in 1136 AD
The book tells the Story of Britains Kings from approx 1400 BC until the Anglo Saxon Trauma's. There are two things to notice , one is that the translations were written at a time when the Catholic Church Reigned supreme so there is no mention of any early christian church independent of Rome , and the style of writing changes as the story unfolds, also the British language evolves and modernises over the 3000 years of recording before Geoffrey received it.
The latest Translation of Geoffreys History of the Kings of Britain can be purchased by clicking here ,or you can read it for Free by clicking the above Button.
Unfortunately because of copyright controls i can only use and show sections of the full Translation at any one time , so i will start from the begining and Each month show the next instalment, so if you do not want to buy the latest copy , by coming back every month you can read the whole book for Free.

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