Eyewitnesses can be mistaken

We are told that 95% of the time eyewitnesses are mistaken. Do you agree?

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Project Overlord Investigates

Welcome to project Overlord. Here you will find information for and against ET'S. As this is an ongoing investigation we will continue to update and bring you the latest answers and conclusions, . 

Life On Mars

There was once life on Mars!. Also did life on Earth originate from Mars ?

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Hubble photos
Cyber Wrestling


JFK photo

The US President J. F. Kennedy
was assassinated in Dallas
in Texas. For years people have
asked why was he murdered ! and
how much of the truth
did he know. You can read
some of the evidence here.

Operation Space Guard

Will a Meteor ever hit the Earth ?, because of this threat Nasa
has set up Operation Space Guard to protect Earth from such a threat. To find out more
click here.

Secret Space Plane

Imagine what the American air force could do with planes that can go into orbit and spy on other countries. Is the US Government building another secret aircraft ?, have a look here and see what you think of it all.