Games page III

Even more java games to play online, Lunar lander is an old favourite of early pub arcade games but seems just as difficult now as it was in the seventies. Mortal Combat is a game everyone recognises, but can you beat your opponent. Ice Blox is one of those brilliant games where you need quick wits as well as quick reactions to stay alive i don't know how many levals this game has got because the bugs always get me. Critters needs no explanation - just go and swat them.
All of these games are java applets so they only run in your browser (no need to download anything) but they can take a minute or too to start up, it depends on the speed of your internet connection, when you have finished click the Back button on your browser.


Mortal Combat Black jack (21's)
Critters Ice Blox
Munch2 Ping again
Razza Battle Ships
New Invaders Warp
Lunar Landing More Games
Rock Radio Tune your Guitar

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